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on being rejected:

bookerdewitt replied to your post: what were your favorite classes at uchicago?

I didn’t think it was possible to love the school anymore than I did, but you now guaranteed that I’m going to cry at least 20 additional tears when I’m inevitably rejected approximately 62 hours from now.

Don’t cry! in fact, I’m going to paste something on being rejected that I wrote earlier today.

I got rejected from most of the universities I applied to my senior year of high school. I had a great application, grades, recs, volunteer work and extracurriculars but shitshitshit standardized test scores, and you know, the admissions game game is competitive and sometimes unfair.

When I got my series of rejections (real ones, not deferrals). I cried for days, days and days, and a held a grudge. I felt so insecure. I felt worthless. I had put my heart and soul into these applications, hadn’t I? 

But it was dumb, it was dumb and a waste of time. You know why? Because your self-worth is and was not contingent on some admissions application system. 

Sometimes, you’re a grower not a show-er. At a lot of schools, your application only has about thirty minutes to make a strong impression. It can be hard to win someone over in that short amount of time. 

Realize, also, that you didn’t–you couldn’t–put your whole self into those applications (you’re going to be okay, great even, whether or not you get into UChicago). Little pieces were missing, it’s just inevitable when you try and squeeze one whole real person on paper.

Most importantly, realize you are great, you are awesome. Believe it and realize that these admissions counselors just didn’t see it or maybe they saw something you didn’t (have a little faith in fate, I guess). Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself about how fantastic you are. I’m serious. Your value has nothing to do with the piece of paper one-university-in-ten-thousand gives you.

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