Anonymous said: Any words for those of us who were rejected? Because this feeling is the worst feeling ever!

I was rejected! I spent my senior year of high school being told I was perfect for UChicago but then a staggering 9 people from my school applied and well…I just didn’t get in.

I was devastated, I cried and I cried. For one, time definitely helps. Two, I put things in perspective and thought about how wherever I was going deserved me too.

Dear anon, you are a kick ass person. I have no doubt that you a smart, sarcastic and silly individual. The college application process in the US is cruel, arduous and slanted and we can’t always get what we want. And it  hurts. It hurts to feel like you put yourself out there and your dream school didn’t respond.

For one - no matter how hard you try, your application is never your true, true self. So don’t take it as a reflection of what kind of person you are. I promise.

When I decided to transfer schools - I wasn’t even going to apply to UChicago. I was angry with them! Those assholes had rejected me! But a family friend convinced me to visit a second time and I stepped on campus and I just knew I belonged there.

Look, go to another school for a semester or a year and really give it a chance. Jump in. Meet people. Go out. Join clubs. Try new and scary things. And if after all of that, you still know, in your heart of hearts, that you belong at UChicago, not because of the prestige or the location or anything like that but because your soul is somehow bound to this crazy school - you can always try and transfer!

But if you are still mad at UChicago - put a little effort into hating us. Seriously. Don’t focus on what you’re missing out on but what you are escaping! Think of the miserable winters that last from January to May. Or the insane amount of reading. Think of how creepy the public transit can be at night.

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