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Anonymous asked: Oh, also, I feel like a ton of the students at UChi come from wealthy families...? I can't deal if no one around me understands the struggle of being quite poor.

I’m not going to say that classism isn’t a problem here, but I would say that you will definitely not be the only one who comes from a more modest background. Though UChicago is ranked among the nations’ most elite institutions, I don’t think many people would call it “elitist” the way you might call some of the Ivies.

In fact, I’d go so far to say that admitting and supporting underprivileged students is an institutional priority. The UChicago financial aid office and admissions office work in tandem to get people of all socioeconomic groups to campus (first generation college students, undocumented students, low-income students, etc. - see here for a few stories). Here are some good facts on that.

But it’s not just about numbers/proportions - it’s about the community’s perception and treatment of economic diversity and privilege. From my admittedly limited perspective, the community of students itself does work toward creating an environment of inclusion/welcomeness for everyone, no matter the financial resources they had growing up. Lots of students I know work part-time to support themselves, and there is absolutely no stigma around doing so. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to save money while studying here without feeling excluded from the fun: subsidized house trips that fit everyone’s budget, socializing in the dining hall rather than going out to eat, free entry at tons of city museums & attractions. There are also lots of support that covers all the little things that Financial Aid doesn’t: grant programs to provide low-income students the money they need for grad school test prep / study abroad and OMSA’s resource library of free textbooks (and even loaner laptops!), to name just a few. 

If you have more questions, I’ll point you in the direction of a magnificent RSO called the SDA.



Anonymous asked: Where do you get all you fab gifs?


econ notes


econ notes

Anonymous asked: Funny how you go on about ideological diversity, being open-minded, and then you act like complete ~~assholes~~.

i think we’re just advocating for the use of google and tumblr dot com’s nifty ‘archive’ feature

but then again…being offended is in the mind of the beholder and whatever

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm an admitted student and have been following this wonderful blog ever since I applied. Love the wit and humor, but I was hoping that you guys could tone down the sarcasm a bit. I understand that some answers probably seem funny to you guys (and would to me too if I actually knew everything about U of C), but some answers seem a little unnecessarily unhelpful. If you want examples, I'll cite them. Not saying you're being mean, but some of us want the truth more than anything else. Thanks!

I appreciate where you’re coming from, really, but:

We receive anywhere from 3 to 30 messages each day, most of which fall under the banner of Frequently Asked, and we have a whole list of tags for that shit. We want to be helpful and provide you guys with the answers you’re looking for, and we also understand that perusing pages and pages of asks looking for the answer to Your Specific Question is not always ideal. But when y’all come to us with shit that can be answered in 2 minutes on Google, or better yet, with stuff that we literally cannot answer (like your chances of being admitted, or other questions suited for the actual Office of Admissions), WE GON’ GET SASSY.

This is one of like 50 UChicago blogs on Tumblr. THank you.




Anonymous asked: So...when does it stop snowing?

clearly not until april 14 at least

Anonymous asked: Do you by chance know when people are notified of acceptance into/rejection from LLSO?

i believe you apply in your 2nd year of school and you receive decisions 

the course catalog is still the best resource for this

If historians start paying attention to women, men in power get wicked nervous: Mormon edition.


Religious Studies, University of Chicago

"No Man Knows My History: Strategy and Authority in Mormon Women’s History"

Anonymous asked: If I have a sleep disorder (sleep apnea) and weird (ie long) sleeping hours should I not get a roommate? I realize you aren't a counselor but I figure u might have more knowledge than I do...

I would recommend trying to get a single.

Sleep habit differences are probably the biggest source of roommate arguments that I’ve heard of, and even if it *probably* wouldn’t be an issue, why tempt fate? Though the housing office does a good job of matching based on preferences (night owl v. morning bird), if you are a super light sleeper or need a lot of sleep, you’d probably benefit from your own room.

P.S. - to dispel a common myth: a lack of roommate will NOT leave you without friends. Everyone else is in singles too - so you’ll be able to meet people on your floor just as easily!

Anonymous asked: Is it true that you're required to learn a new language by the time you graduate?

You have to pass a language competency exam that you can either test out of or you’ll take at the end of one year of a language.  By no means does it mean “perfectly fluent.”



Anonymous asked: I'm mostly concerned that there are people out there picking their colleges on boyfriend material. Pick your prom date based on whether they're cute and nice and smart. Pick your college on literally anything else.


Anonymous asked: -_- you suck

Anonymous asked: Please rate brunch in Hyde Park (because that is what I wish I had known as an incoming first year. First years, you are paying your counselors to listen to you agonize over every detail on your transcript. Just wait a few months.)

#1-#10 Valois

Anonymous asked: So if you can find kindred spirits anywhere, it's my own fault that I haven't found more than like two...? Oh.

have you been everywhere though? no? okay.

Anonymous asked: u guys r mean

please provide evidence and cite your sources