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 said: wait where was chicagoland even mentioned i can’t find it

If the anonymous was referring to the documentary series—we have not mentioned it once. did mention a series of TV shows that are currently set in Chicago but that was not one of them.

We have in the past referred to the CITY of Chicago and its metropolitan area as Chicagoland…because a lot of people in Chicago and the Midwest do? That’s…what it is called?

I’m fine with someone telling us if we have unintentionally offended them or if our perspective is too privileged but man, you gotta be right. Like, just check your facts.

That person was just an asshole.

Anonymous asked: On a scale of 1 (Reed College) to 10 (BYU/Wheaton), how religious is the student body at UChicago?

I think what’s nice about UChicago is those kinds of things can’t be a blanket statement. I went abroad to Rome my third year and the breakdown was something like:

1/4 were very religious and had picked Rome due to its religious prominence and history.

1/4 were slightly religious and had interest in pursuing more tangible spiritual journey (which is admirable).

1/4 were interested in religion and had studied many different kinds.

1/4 …just liked the idea of going to Italy?

It was nice because no one felt left out and the variety of leanings and belief systems made for really interesting debates in class.

Anonymous asked: Yo my dad is being scary...He's trying to tell me that double depositing is a good idea O.o N I'm like, "That's actually AGAINST the rules k bye" Why don't parents believe their children? ;(

I MEAN, it’s frowned upon but it has been done before??

BUT think of it this way (to anyone considering it): make up your mind and stick to it. Double depositing is a shitty thing to do because you are literally taking the place of someone who is on the waitlist, someone who might not have any doubts! Look, if you need time, you need time but don’t be selfish.

Anonymous asked: Hey I sent you a message about volunteering and I just wanted to tell you I took a permanent position at the library and I'm so excited (whether any schools care or not lol)


that’s fantastic! :)

Anonymous asked: Srry but did you really mention Chicagoland as an example of why Chicago is cool? Because capitalizing on the violence that goes on around you that you don't have to experience because you're a privileged white kid who goes to UChicago is sooo cool, like wow so edgy, how cool to live in Chicago

Glad you got that out of your system?

Feeling better?

Now gently remove your head from your ass and try again.

Anonymous asked: What are my chances of getting a more popular dorm like Max P or South if I only paid my deposit last week?


Then you just plug in N, which indexes the dorm of your choice:

  1. X(N)=a step function representing popularity of dorm
  2. Y(N)=student population of dorm (integers only)

Where K is a a hyperbolic function that depends on how long you procrastinated putting down your deposit and L is how many threatening letters and/or bribes you send to the admissions office.

By my calculations, it looks like…. you’ll be assigned the dirty broom closet on the 5th Floor Bookstacks in the Reg. Congrats!

Anonymous asked: Do you think employers often don't recognize UChicago?





Anonymous asked: Do you know other schools that work on a quarter system?


Anonymous asked: i already commit to uchicago but i'm having second thoughts please reassure me that there are normal people there

there are normal people here scout’s honor okay you’ll be fine

Anonymous asked: With no Philosophy 101, is not having read any philosophy text before going to be a problem?

No, because as stated before, you’ll be taking core sequences in the humanities and social sciences. You will be ~~introduced~~. There are prerequisites for major courses. You’ll just be in a seminar instead of a lecture hall. (There are differences, though, between seminar sequences and, like, core STEM courses.)

Anonymous asked: What are the main impacts of having a quarter system on the classes? Any pros/cons when compared to semester calendars with other colleges?

Pros: you get to take a lot of classes. Up to 12 a year, and no more than 4 at a time. Survey courses are few and far between. Most classes will be structured around really specific topics. I’ve taken a course on the Aesthetics of Alternative Westerns, a course on critical approaches to Hamlet, a course on Thomas Hardy. Specificity and intensity are your friends. At the end of four years (especially if you major in the humanities or social sciences), you should have an intimate knowledge of a broad range of topics.

Cons: ten weeks is nothing. Midterms are always and forever, and then it’s 9th week and your finals are suddenly happening. And while specificity is king, it can also hurt students who don’t know exactly what they want to study. Maybe you enroll in a course on Wordsworth and find out that you hate Wordsworth. You only have to endure it for 10 weeks, but you still have to endure it for ten weeks.

The upside is that first years will largely enroll in SOSC and HUM sequences, which offer the same kind of general overview that semester schools give students in survey courses. You’ll never take Philosophy 101, but you will get to sample the great books before you declare a major.

Anonymous asked: Maybe it's because I'm literally a Midwest dairy farmer (ok not literally but my boyfriend does own several cows) but I have visited Columbia and UC and neither seemed to be lacking something the other had except maybe ~personal flair~ that you could find differently in either place.

as the grandson of dairy farmers i pretty much share your view

Anonymous asked: Are there a lot of former homeschoolers at UChicago?

Homeschoolers, where you at?

Anonymous asked: Sorry that was super long.

The full text of the ask is below. Good perspective on Chicago v. New York:

Hi! I’m a prospie from NYC, and I thoroughly understand why people get pissed of when NYers argue that NYC is greater than any other place on the planet, because people are generally obnoxious about it.

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