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Anonymous said: Is Swedish offered as a language option? And what year do you recommend fulfilling the language requirement?

It is not.

Anonymous said: any opinions/advice on reading cultures for hum?

Took it, loved it, recommend it!

If you like reading stories, it’s a great pick. If you like reading “the classics”, getting deep about philosophy, or are more into visual/performing arts, there are better options for you.

Anonymous said: I'm torn between Phil Per and HBC. Any advice/opinions?

Official Grace Stance: HBC because I said so [because I took it so it’s the only one I really know anything about]

Honestly I think the only real difference is between reading lists, and they’re fairly similar at that. I think PhilPer reads slightly more “pure philosophy” books and HBC is a bit more of a mix of genres - more literature, for instance, which is why I loved it.

- Grace F (‘12)

Anonymous said: For any mods who took foreign languages, did you feel that you could speak reasonably well after studying/taking a few years of classes?

French and Russian: Yes, for various values of yes. For both, it took time in an immersive environment (France, Middlebury Russian Language School) to truly feel fluid in my speaking, but you have the tools to have decent conversation after, say, 1.5-2.5 years, depending on language? And fairly complicated conversation after 4 years - my 5th year Russian class was basically a normal class but in Russian, which is the experience with many of the French classes after the first two years. 

- Grace F (‘12)

Enter Glamour’s 2015 Top 10 College Women Competition

Each year for the last 58 years, Glamour has been recognizing ten outstanding college women: scientists, athletes, activists, businesswomen. The one thing they have in common, aside from being juniors, is that they’re incredible at what they do.

Glamour is looking for the best and the brightest applicants from the Class of 2016 and would love to consider candidates from the University of Chicago.

The ideal applicant will be a junior in college by the September 15th application deadline, has a stellar academic track record, has exhibited strong leadership skills, excels in her extracurricular activities or athletics, and gives back to her community or campus in some way.

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Anonymous said: This actually coincidentally plays off of the last ask. If there's a concert in your home state on a day you're not off (but your home state isn't far, like a 1 hr plane ride) how bad of an idea is it to get the tickets? If you have advanced notification, is it okay to skip one or two days of school if it isn't at the end of the quarter/near finals?

I need to share a very important piece of wisdom with all the incoming first years: you can do whatever you want now. You’re in college.There’s nobody to prevent you from skipping class for two days to go to a concert in a different state if that’s your fancy. The worst that could happen to you is making your HUMA teacher a little grumpy if they have a restriction on absences per quarter, or having to reschedule a make-up time for your calc test. The world is your oyster. No parents, no rules***!

((***Caveat: you and/or your parents are paying a very large sum of money, possibly to the tune of $60,000, to be here. It’s all about opportunity costs and making intelligent trade-offs with your time.))



Anonymous said: is it a bad idea to buy concert tickets for chicago concerts before you get there/know your schedule? also how far is the aragon ballroom


Funny story about buying concert tickets before school even starts… (#seniornostalgia)

When I was a first year, I bought myself a pass to Day Glow (aka an overhyped paint party that sounded like the coolest thing ever to 18yo Megan). I made the purchase before I showed up to campus, based on the fact that other people on the UC Facebook group said they were going. 

Flash forward to my first month of college, night of the event. I met up with three other firsties, and we were, like, omg #soexcited!!! Not realizing that cabbing it was a WAY better idea at that time of night, we made the ~1.5hr long trek on the train in our white shortie-shorts and tanks, all of us freezing cold. (That was mistake #1.)

We made it there in one piece, ready to rage. We got in the giant line outside of the Congress Theater, and it started to rain. Like, really pour. Whatever, we were young and free and about to be crammed in a room with loud music and be pelted with paint #noregrets #socollege! (Waiting in that line = mistake #2.)

Finally, finally, when we got to the front, we were not so kindly informed that we needed IDs that confirmed we were 18+. None of us had brought any such identification save our completely useless UCIDs, so we got turned away. And then took the train all the way back to Hyde Park. Freezing cold, wet, and defeated.

Moral of the story: always read the terms and conditions. But still buy the ticket because, no matter what happens, your freshman year mistakes will be the fodder for many fond senior year memories.

Anonymous said: is it a bad idea to buy concert tickets for chicago concerts before you get there/know your schedule? also how far is the aragon ballroom



Anonymous said: how soon does sorority recruitment start? is it true it starts like the first week of october?

Recruitment is 10/9-10/12, but there is a pre-recruitment event during the first week of October. Check out Panhel’s FB page for more deets.


Just submitted a poster version of this to a thing, but I’ve got a feeling I didn’t format the files correctly, so here you go tumblr, some more recycled Chicago pixel art. 


Just submitted a poster version of this to a thing, but I’ve got a feeling I didn’t format the files correctly, so here you go tumblr, some more recycled Chicago pixel art. 



Anonymous said: Do UChicago students use ratemyprofessor because it seems like most of the professors don't have very many reviews? Is there a different website I can use to view teacher reviews? has evaluations! You have to log in to access with your CNET, but that’s where it’s at. :)

Dear Incoming First-Years,

During O-Week you will meet with these crazy things called “counselors.” They will help you plan your schedule based on what you think you can handle. And they will also be able to tell you what classes you do or do not need to take based on AP scores, placement tests, second, third, or fourth languages spoken at home, etc. As such, freaking out over what classes you will be required to take FOUR YEARS FROM NOW is unnecessary. That is all.

Anonymous said: If I got a 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam, do I have to take another math class? (If I'm not going to be a math/hard science/Econ major)

Nope. (If you do, it would only be one quarter, but I’m 90% sure you’re done with math.)

Anonymous said: Does the Calc 151-152-153 sequence fulfill the Core's math requirement?


Anonymous said: This might have been answered at some point in the past, but I can't find it. I am interested in pledging a sorority and I don't really know what the process is, ie: when it starts, how to do it, etc. Could someone here tell me?

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Good luck!