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Anonymous said: Question to other asker: is science actually easier to humanities students or is the grass just always greener...?

Yeah, that question was super biased.  Everyone has different understandings of difficulty.


Anonymous said: I know you've mentioned that illegal downloading is punished at uchicago, but is online streaming as well? The last thing I want is to get in trouble.

I streamed a lot of stuff through and never got in trouble. I think it’s more a bandwidth issue than anything else.

Anonymous said: So one thing I've never really understood about this school is why it's so easy to avoid difficult sciences if you're humanities inclined, yet it's impossible to avoid (relatively) difficult humanities classes if you're more science inclined. I've heard people say that the humanities classes in the core aren't very hard, but considering how much more science people struggle with core humanities than humanities people struggle with core science, I'm not sure how true that is. What's your take?

I have a two-part theory:

1. It’s important to know how to write well and UChicago values this. They want a student body that is well-rounded and as holistic as the high school seniors they accepted. Learning to frame an argument is only an asset.

2. On both sides, a lot of resources are offered for students that are struggling. Just because “Global Warming” is the easier option doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. There are tutoring sessions with TA’s, essay workshops with graduate students and of course, every professor has office hours.

Lastly—research your core classes. Freud is a lot easier to read than other authors, so is Marx and a lot of people find Nietzsche and Foucault to be dense. If you can’t find some Core sequence you’re passionate about, find previous syllabi via the student portal or do some research. But honestly, you’ll be fine. Students are all coming from a varied background of education, interests and languages.

Anonymous said: Real talk, how much should I bring to school? Is 3 checked bags and a carry on too much? I'm a girl btw if it makes a difference, and that includes most of my sheets (just picking up a few things in the city)

Not at all! Even if you aren’t bringing winter clothes with you, you want a variation in wardrobe, decorations, etc. Don’t feel insecure about what you need to feel at home :)

Babco Spotlight: University of Chicago's MAB!



This week’s Babco Spotlight is University of Chicago’s Major Activities Board (MAB)! They were nice enough to share about their board and events with us & we want to share with you! 1. How many students make up your programming board? 12.

2. How many committees does your programming board…

Yay MAB!

Anonymous said: i thought i'd seen the last of that meme. apparently spiders georg can't rest in peace

it came to me like a vision

Anonymous said: How do I find ppl to go shopping/eat at cool restaurants in the Loop with me? There can't be an RSO for that...

start with your housemates and move on from there, as we all do



average person funs 3 times a year” factoid actualy (sic) just statistical error. average person funs 0 spiders per year. UChicago Georg, who lives in Snell & funs over 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

Anonymous said: Does "family weekend" include that Friday and give us off from class?



pretty sure that’s a no

Pretty sure I had a chem midterm the Friday of Family Weekend

uchicago ladies and gents

Anonymous said: i haven't even submitted my application yet let alone received an admissions decision (obviously). is it silly for me to be having an internal struggle over which dorm i would most like to be in

it’s definitely fun to fantasize but don’t make it a struggle—keep it stress free little anony bby


Milkshakes at medici and awesome discussion about the danger of a single story which was guided by Chimamanda Adiche Ngozi’s TED talk (my favorite author)


Milkshakes at medici and awesome discussion about the danger of a single story which was guided by Chimamanda Adiche Ngozi’s TED talk (my favorite author)

Anonymous said: i know this might be a question better aimed at advisors, but i wouldn't mind another two cents, especially since some alum have called the advisors useless. i'm an incoming first year and i'm not sure if i should take gen chemistry or biotopics. i'm going in undecided and haven't crossed off science as a possible major, although i am leaning towards public policy, other social science-y majors, etc.

Gen Chem is pretty much a murder class if you aren’t very good at chemistry. Sadly the core science classes don’t have a “gentler” version of chem for nonmajors, but honestly I wouldn’t take genchem unless you have to for your major. plus, core science classes can be pretty neat!

(source: I was in the same situation, was sad to have to give up chemistry as I’d always found it interesting in a non-major kind of way, saw friends taking genchem and was glad I didn’t)

As always, YMMV, talk to your adviser (mine was the first to tell me not to take genchem if I didn’t have to, actually), talk to upperclassmen.

- Grace F (‘12)